What Is Variable Data?

Marketing is all about making connections – the more memorable, the better. Variable data printing is a great way to make your giveaways more engaging and add a personal touch to your marketing promotions.

So what is variable data?

This printing method allows you to place unique information such as names, QR codes or sequenced numbers on each decorated piece. Variable data is printed in full color on a white or clear waterproof label. These are available on great Made in USA lip balms, hand sanitizers, sunscreens and flyers from HumphreyLine.

Here are a few ways that your customers can use variable data to make that personal connection:

Trade Shows and Conferences

Hand out lip balm with unique numbers to booth visitors and use the numbers for a special prize drawing. Recipients will stay engaged with your customer and the prize generates buzz. Plus, lip balm comes in handy at a conference with long days and long conversations.

Company Events

How about handing out a tote with lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and a 5-inch Jewel Flyer at corporate summer picnics?  Customizing the items with attendee names adds a fun personal touch.


For a contest, mail bottles of hand sanitizer with unique QR codes to clients at the beginning of cold and flu season. Create a website that the QR code directs them too where recipients can opt in to their weekly promotional email list. This type of promotion creates several opportunities for companies to get in front of their customers.

What’s the payoff?

Variable data printing has a higher rate of return or conversion percentage than generic marketing pieces because they are tailored to each customer and therefore are more engaging by design. To get started, check out these great products ready for variable printing.

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