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The Must-Know Drinkware Trends For 2018

From mixed-materials, to retail-style packaging, here are the new drinkware designs and innovations you need to know:

1. Distinctive Look: Mixed Materials

By adding cork, bamboo and silicone elements to tumblers sport bottles, we’re creating pieces that demand attention and elevate brands. It’s the little unexpected details that create something special.

download-(1).jpg                                                  SM-6887SGL_D.jpg

Poppi Glass Tumbler w/ Bamboo Lid (1625-79)          Cork Tritan Sports Bottle (SM-6887)


2. High-Performance: Copper Vacuum Insulation

In retail, high-performance copper vacuum insulated drinkware is enjoying immense popularity. From campus to the boardroom – it’s everywhere. What makes them so universally-loved? First, they perform – keeping beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold up to 48 hours. Second, they’re practical. They’re meant to be used every day.

1625-80BK_D.jpg                              1625-76SL_D-(1).jpg

Hugo Auto-Seal Copper Vac. Bottle (1625-80)    Rover Copper Vac. Camp Mug (1625-76)


3. First Impressions Matter: Retail Packaging & Gift Sets

Someone wise once said that presentation is everything. New retail packaging options and gift sets offer more than a way to recognize a special occasion or important relationship – they’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way.

    download.jpg                                     1625-67LM_P-1.jpg

Sierra Copper Vac. Gift Set (1625-44)            Arctic Zone Titan Copper Vac. Tumbler (1625-67)


4. No Compromise: Budget-Friendly Styles That Are Trendy AND Perform

You don’t have to sacrifice style or performance when selecting drinkware that fits your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot to get something on-trend.

SM-6646MTGR_D.jpg                                                SM-6899BL_D.jpg

Sperry Tumbler (SM-6646): As low as $4.79(c)   Atlantic Vac. Bottle (SM-6899): As low as $7.99(c)


5. Dual-Function: Technology Meets Drinkware

Ever fantasized about a water bottle with a built in Bluetooth speaker, or maybe a travel mug that grinds and brews coffee? Dreams come true – these innovative new pieces have the wow-factor to impress and set a brand apart from the pack.

                 1625-81SM_D.jpg                                                        1625-83WH_D.jpg

Ozzy TritanAudio Bottle (1625-81)             All-in-one Portable Electric Coffee Maker (1625-83)

Ready for more inspiration? Here are all the new-for-2018 drinkware styles from PCNA.


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