Suppliers with Heart

Plenty has changed in the last thirty years, but a few things have remained the same. One of the most important things that has been a constant since Two Crazy Ladies was founded in 1988 is our commitment to working with promo products and swag suppliers that have a heart. Giving back to the community is a top priority for us at Two Crazy Ladies, and it would seem – wait for it – crazy if we didn’t want to work with businesses who feel the same way.

Here are four of our most community-minded suppliers, and why we love working with them.

Love Bottle

A proudly certified B Corp, Love Bottle is “the bottle with heart”. These elegant, reusable glass bottles are not only eco-friendly, they’re an ideal canvas for making branding beautiful. In addition to being a responsible company in terms of manufacturing and environmental impact, Love Bottle is committed to giving back to those in need, with 5% of every Love Bottle purchase going to Global Water, helping those in need get access to clean water. We love how much love goes into and comes out of each Love Bottle, and we’re proud to work with a company that cares as much as they do.

Botanical PaperWorks

If you’ve spent any time near Two Crazy Ladies in the last thirty years, you’ll have definitely heard us talk about Botanical PaperWorks, who produce plantable seed paper, invitations, favours, and – you guessed it – promo products! Botanical PaperWorks is a mother-daughter duo who taught themselves the art of seed paper-making. We love the low impact nature of plantable paper: it’s made from post-consumer materials (collected from local businesses and schools) and is biodegradable and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in soil, it composts away, leaving the seeds to grow! In addition to using their awesome eco-friendly promo products to reduce waste from printed materials, Botanical PaperWorks are also always seeking for different ways to reduce their own impact from their business, whether it’s through reusing, recycling, or cutting down on office waste.

Redwood Classics

This made-in-Canada apparel brand is committed to producing, using, and reusing high quality textiles to create fashionable and sustainable apparel. In Redwood Classics’ recycled textile collections, their environmentally and socially conscious approach is industry-leading. They recently collaborated with vintage clothier Preloved on a collection designed to mitigate textile and fabric waste and keep clothing production in Canada, as well as create some very not-your-average branded merch. We love that they’re thinking beyond production, and also acknowledging that more companies now care what happens to unused promo apparel and want to make their mark with something unique and sustainable. The other cool thing? They lead by example when it comes to diversity, equity, community, and women in leadership. Very cool, indeed.

Riviera Towel Company

We love the natural intersection of beach towels helping to improve the health of our oceans. Riviera Towel Company believes that together we can drive and be that change we so strongly want to see. Their high quality, process-driven textiles are artisan products inspired by the world and created using traditional methods. Their enduring, versatile designs and products are among our favourites when it comes to promo products that are beautiful, high quality, and made to last. Proceeds from each sale are donated to help impact positive change on the world’s oceans by supporting marine life foundations and organizations such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Foundation and the Wild Oceans Foundation.

Next time you’re looking to source eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable, or community-minded promo products for your brand or organization, let us know. We work with several ‘suppliers with a heart’ and love to share the love. If you want to feel confident that the promo products and suppliers you’re sourcing from are committed to giving back to the community and planet just as much as you and your organization, Two Crazy Ladies (and our own big giant heart) is the right place to start.


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